What is the cost of bad recruitment?

Don't just replace a leaver

Ever had a recruitment nightmare story? The hire who looked great on paper but didn’t deliver? Or what about the person that you really wanted but they didn’t quite fit the role so you created something slightly different only for them to leave a few months after they joined? The attached article shows the cost of bad recruitment hires. The research, carried out in 2014 by Oxford Economics puts the average cost of a bad hire at £30,614 per employee! So what can you do to avoid this from happening?

Be clear about what you want

The first step to hiring a successful recruit is to define exactly what you need. A well written job description may be a pain to pull together but once you have a clear understanding of what you MUST have in a new employee, then you know what you need to recruit against. After all if you define a list of essential skills and experience and you then recruit someone with only half of that list, are you setting them up to succeed when they join you?

Choose your assessment tools

Interviews are the most common form of candidate assessment but they aren’t infallible. Maybe you could consider using them in conjunction with other tools such as team exercises, technical assessments or psychometric testing. The more rounded the assessment process, the more likely it will produce a successful candidate.

Share the love

From personal experience, not contacting an employee between offer and start date is not a great start to the induction process. Making someone feel wanted and giving them the tools to hit the ground running is an incredibly important part of helping an employee succeed in their role. If you sign up for our essentials, premium or premium plus packages, we can help you with the induction process.

What next?

If any of the above resonates with you or you want to explore this in more detail, contact us today by clicking here or calling us on 07908 875146.

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