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Over the next three weeks, we’ll look at the end-to-end recruitment process as part of our ‘Focus On’ series. Today, we’ll start by looking at the first two stages which cover the role design stage, including writing the job description:

1. Do you know what you need as an organisation?

Is it a brand new role or are you replacing someone who is leaving/has left?

If it’s a replacement role, is recruiting a like-for-like role the right thing for your organisation now?  Should you reflect on what the role added to your organisation and given the opportunity again, would you change it slightly….or may be even re-write the job description or re-think the role completely?


2. Write the job description & person specification


Once you are clear on the position you need, start to bring together the main elements of the role.  A well written job description can be a bit of a pain to pull together at first but once you have a clear understanding of the purpose and key accountabilities of the role, it will help you move to the next stage.

You can then go on to think about a person specification for the role – this is about the skills that a candidate must have to be able to complete the tasks of the role.  It can include required qualifications, experience and skills and you can detail those that are essential and desirable.

There’s nothing worse than a vague job description…or having irrelevant qualifications as a requirement.  Providing a well thought out job description and person specification not only helps you as a organisation to know what you are looking for but also helps candidates – it helps attract those who might not ordinarily apply or equally narrows the field by candidates deciding they’ve not got the right skills / qualifications for the job.


Do you need some recruitment support?

Cornerstone Resources can help design and tailor your recruitment process. This will ensure you attract, select and retain the best candidates for your vacancies and for your organisation.

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