How do you really get things done?

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Thank you to Torben Rick ( for this great picture, showing the importance of the culture we create in our workplaces. The ‘visible’ part of the iceberg shows the things people can see or read about how we say we do things, they may be your policies, how you are structured, the values you have […]

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Are we failing fathers?

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It seems Shared Parental Leave, introduced back in April 2015, isn’t working….latest figures estimate only a 2% take-up rate. Why isn’t it working? Some say it’s due to a number of factors: lack of understanding of what is on offer, cultural barriers and financial concerns. What are the benefits? Business Minister Andrew Griffiths doesn’t want […]


What is the cost of bad recruitment?

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Ever had a recruitment nightmare story? The hire who looked great on paper but didn’t deliver? Or what about the person that you really wanted but they didn’t quite fit the role so you created something slightly different only for them to leave a few months after they joined? The attached article shows the cost […]


Shred it or keep it?

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Slowly, charities and small businesses are becoming increasingly aware of GDPR, the new data protection legislation that comes in to force in May this year. But do you know what it means for you and your business and how you keep, or securely destroy, personal data? The first article below, from the Small Business website, […]