Coronavirus Job retention scheme hub

Welcome to the Cornerstone Resources Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme hub!

UPDATE: The furlough scheme has now been extended until 31st March 2021. We are awaiting full guidance from the Government on 10th November and will update the information held here as soon as possible.

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought unprecedented change to the business world at breakneck speed. We’ve produced the Cornerstone Resources Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme hub to help you navigate this changing environment. In this section you will find key guidance on how furloughing will work and templates that will enable you to implement this new status. We’ve also created a section of the hub that will allow you start thinking about what the future looks like for your business.

As this is an evolving piece of legislation, we advise that you seek professional advice before furloughing staff. We also advise you refer to the guidance on the UK Government website as it is updated at least weekly.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Furloughing your staff

In this section, you will find FAQ’s which look in detail as to how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will work. It also some guidance on what you need to think about when implementing the furlough scheme. Finally we have provided some information on how to manage staff remotely. This includes policies and templates to help you meet your obligations.

Furloughing your staff
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Managing home workers
Managing home workers

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - planning for the future

As the situation continues to improve, businesses need to start thinking about what the future looks like. What does your projected revenue look like? Are you planning for growth or do you anticipate having to restructure in order to survive until better times are with us? Click on the below images for further information about how you can prepare for the future. All forms and policies are customisable at your own risk and you should seek professional advice if unsure about the implementation of these policies.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme hub
What does the future look like?
Files and templates
Files and templates

Need HR support?

Whether you need advice implementing a furlough scheme, managing staff within the scheme or planning to exit the scheme, we can help. Cornerstone Resources are experienced HR professionals who can support you whatever your HR needs. Contact Rob on 07494 161169 or Nicci on 07908 875146 or click the below button to email us.