Free HR downloads

Free HR downloads and templates

At Cornerstone Resources, we recognise that time and money are precious commodities. That’s why we have created some free HR downloads and templates for you to use! We will be adding to these resources regularly so please keep visiting for more useful information.

If you’d like to access our full set of policies and documents, then please visit our Outsourced HR Support¬†and our Project Support pages for further details.

Sickness absence

Bradford Factor calculator – to be used in conjunction with Sickness absence policies that use Bradford Factor trigger points.

Return to work form – to be used after each occasion of sickness absence

Other useful free HR downloads

Exit interview template – use to collect data when employees leave voluntarily.


Calculator for use when calculating annual leave entitlement for part-time employees (or mid year joiners/leavers)


Calculator for use when running an annual leave purchase scheme.