HR for Churches

Can a church benefit from HR support?

Church leaders have to wear many hats. Not only are they required to provide spiritual leadership for their congregation but increasingly they have to act as a CEO of a small charity. One of the key responsibilities that comes with being a charitable organisations is that all churches are required to ensure that they are well governed. That’s why we launched our HR for Churches offering.  

Church revenue needs to be well spent and personal data needs to be well protected. Getting value for your revenue spend can sometimes require buying in specialist expertise that will help you to become efficient and effective, saving you time to focus on what’s important. So if you are wondering why a church would need HR support it’s worth considering whether you would know what to do in the following circumstances:

  • You have an employee with a performance or absence issue.
  • You need to recruit a new team member.
  • You have promoted a team member and they are struggling to motivate their team.
  • You have an employee who is pregnant and they are asking what they are entitled to.

Where can I get HR support from?

At Cornerstone Resources, we understand the complexities of managing complex HR issues within the church context. We also have a track record of delivering cost effective solutions across a number of denominations. So if you would like a confidential conversation about issues you are facing in your church, give us a call on 07908 875146. 

We offer discounts against our normal rates for all our HR for churches packages. You can benefit from getting your policies in place to recruitment and coaching your team all at very competitive rates. We also have long term HR for churches support packages available. Click here to explore them in more detail.

Looking for help with Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is a major consideration for all churches and faith based organisations and for this reason, we have partnered with experts in the field! Christian Safeguarding Services will partner with you to help you think through your approach to safeguarding children, young people and adults. Click on the below button to link to the Christian Safeguarding Services website!

How do I manage absence

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Brexit and settled status

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How do I know if I need HR?

How do I know if I need HR?

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