Managing Disciplinaries

Managing Disciplinaries

Managing Disciplinaries isn’t easy. When employees behaviour or performance deviates from the expected standard, however, it needs to be addressed as unchecked behaviour not only affects the individuals concerned, it also affects the wider team. Why is this? Because if the team feel that employees can get away with bad behaviour, then your good performers may stop trying. So managing disciplinary issues is critical. It’s also very important to manage them in a timely, discrete and procedurally sound manner. If you aren’t sure how to tackle this, then we can help you!

Procedurally sound

The first thing to do is to get your policy defined. This will inform staff and managers what consitutes unacceptable behaviour. Well drafted and communicated Disciplinary Procedures are the foundation for managing performance and behaviours. But it’s not enough to just have them, you need to train your managers on how to manager disciplinaries. Why is this? Because it’s not enough to dismiss someone for something that they have done wrong, you must also follow the correct procedure. Failure to do so can lead to a successful claim of unfair dismissal. So it’s the how and the why that are important.

It is also important that, where possible, different managers hear different stages of the process. This includes the investigation stage, the disciplinary hearing itself and the appeal stage (where required).

How can we help you manage disciplinaries?

At Cornerstone Resources, we have HR professionals who have supported managers with complex disciplinary cases on many occasions. Because we have sat in the room, we know what it feels like to have to implement these policies. We can provide varying levels of support depending on your needs. We can:

  • Provide HR advice before, during and after the disciplinary hearing.
  • Act as an independent manager and chair the disciplinary hearing.
  • Deliver manager training on how to effectively manage disciplinary issues.
  • Design policies to ensure that employees understand what is expected of them.

Who are Cornerstone Resources?

Based in South Manchester, Cornerstone Resources offer a complete HR service to businesses, charities and churches. With over 40 years combined experience in HR, we can offer you an enviable combination of professional expertise and a service based on integrity and honesty. Best of all, we can save you time and money. 

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