Would you volunteer for you?

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Maybe you are a charity, non-profit or a church organisation….if so, you are likely to have volunteers helping you to achieve your vision.  Carey Nieuwhof recently explored the struggle to find, keep and retain volunteers. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about your volunteers: Are they happy and motivated in their role? Do you […]


Don’t just replace a leaver

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Don't just replace a leaver

Don’t just replace a leaver A colleague has resigned. Do you just look to replace them like for like or do you take a step back and see what you need? In this blog we will discuss what steps you should take when a position becomes vacant. It may be just the opportunity you need […]


Focus On: Redundancy

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Recruitment - Cornerstone Resources

Welcome to our new ‘Focus On’ blog series. This week, we’ll be looking at Redundancy: However well you might manage your church, charity or small business, there is always a possibility that you might have to reduce your costs to save it and redundancy may be the only option. It’s critical to manage redundancy in […]


GDPR – no need to panic!

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Does the mere mention of GDPR make you feel slightly queasy? Maybe you’re not quite sure what GDPR is but you’re just sick of all the emails you’ve been getting over the past couple of weeks? Well….GDPR is here and it’s important that all organisations….large and small, public, private and not-for-profit…are aware of it and […]

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Beginning of the end to exploitation?

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Employment Policies - Cornerstone Resources

Sir David Metcalf, the first appointed Director of Labour Market Enforcement, has this week published his strategy for 2018/19 aimed at preventing the exploitation of workers. Why is this needed? Sir David Metcalf was appointed early 2017 as it was widely accepted that not only are some employers failing to comply with legislation and regulations […]


Throwing a sickie – a thing of the past?

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Employee Relations. Throwing a sickie

No doubt you will have seen the recent headlines….the latest CIPD research shows that 86% of employers had seen their employees coming in to work ill. This is a shocking increase from 26% back in 2010. Why has it increased? ‘Presenteeism’, as it’s also known, normally happens when employees feel pressure to continue working and […]