Welcome to Cornerstone Resources, your Human Resources Consultancy.

Are you struggling to retain key talent? Do you have vacancies that remain unfilled for long periods putting strain on the rest of your team? Do you find keeping up with the ever changing employee relations environment or do you just not know where to start? That’s where we at Cornerstone Resources come in! We offer a full service Human Resources consultancy, specialising in offering high quality support to organisations such as yours on either a long term or project basis. Why engage with multiple providers when Cornerstone Resources have the expertise to meet all your people needs!

Why do I need an HR consultant?

HR Health Check @ Cornerstone Resources HR Consultancy
HR Health check

If you are unsure about what a quality HR consultant can provide, take our HR Health Check. It’s a 2 minute read and will give you an insight as to where you could benefit from HR support. Click on the image to begin!

Why choose us?

We are more than just a helpline. Whereas there are many other HR suppliers who can offer you Employee Relations advice, we go further to ensure that an effective resolution is achieved, no matter what people issue you have. 

Our key values are:

  • Integrity – we will deliver what we say we are going to deliver, whether that is convenient for us or not.
  • Honesty – we will give you clear and straightforward HR advice and if it takes us less time to complete agreed work, we will tell you!
  • Value creation – our HR advice and support will strengthen your organisation, helping you to be more profitable and to focus your attention where it is needed. 
Welcome to Cornerstone Resources Human Resources Consultancy

Want one off Human Resources Consultancy support?

Want to outsource your Human Resources support?

Are you a growing organisation or maybe you want to access a number of HR specialisms without having the budget to employ them all? That’s why we’ve designed our Outsourcing packages! We have 3 standard packages of HR support available for clients who want to outsource their HR provision and partner with us for the longer term (minimum 12 months).

Choose from our EssentialsPremium or Premium Plus packages. If you take out one of these packages, we will also conduct our HR Health Check as part of the overall price! If you require a greater level of support than our standard packages allow, we can tailor a solution to fit your organisational needs.

How can I find out more?

Just select from the drop down menus or click the above hyperlinks to get more information on our services. We blog regularly on topical issues in HR; you can access them here. For more of the same, keep in touch with us by liking or following our pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! You can also check out the feedback our happy customers have given by clicking here! In the meantime, here’s some thoughts from one of our happy customers!

"It has been an absolute pleasure from start to completion. The end result for us is three outstanding appointments who have all the signs of doing a great job individually and working effectively as a team. Nicci, thank you”..
Customer Feedback
St Peter's Church
Woolton, Liverpool

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