How do I manage sickness absence?

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How do I manage absence

Managing sickness absence is one of those issues that managers really dislike. Typically the desire to be supportive overwhelms the needs of the business but that in itself is not the answer. So if you are asking yourself, how do I manage sickness absence, read on! What are the issues? The main issue that managers […]

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Brexit and settled status

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Brexit and settled status

Brexit and settled status Guidance released by the Home Office outlines that checks to confirm legality of workers from the EU, EEA and Switzerland will not change prior to 2021 even if there is a no-deal Brexit. As the UK is still set to leave the EU on 12 April 2019, this new advice confirms […]

Performance Management

Does performance related pay work?

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Reward consultancy @ Cornerstone Resources HR

Does performance related pay work? I’m currently planning the salary review process for a client. The general principle is that we reward for performance. It’s something I’ve heard expressed many times before and on one level it makes sense.  Why not give more to your best performers? The problem is that salary budgets have been […]

HR Health Check

How healthy is your HR?

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How healthy is your HR

So the days are getting lighter and Spring is definitely in the air So as thoughts move to the new tax year and for many a new financial year, is it also a good time to check whether your HR practices need a Spring Clean? Are your policies in good shape? Is your recruitment successful? […]


Upcoming events!

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upcoming events

Upcoming events. Cornerstone Resources are out and about at several upcoming events in the next couple of months. If you’d like to come and meet us and talk about what we can do to help your organisation, you can find us at the following events: Thursday 14th February 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Greater Manchester […]


Is it important to keep candidates informed?

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Keeping candidates informed

Is it important to keep candidates informed of their progress? We’ve all been there. You spend hours completing an application, refining your cv, updating your LinkedIn profile, researching the company you are being interviewed by, attending interviews… And then… Nothing. For days, And weeks. How frustrating is it? So it got me thinking, is it […]