Discipline and misconduct

How do I manage issues of discipline and misconduct?

Managing issues of discipline and misconduct isn’t easy. When employees behaviour or performance deviates from the expected standard, however, it needs to be addressed as unchecked behaviour not only affects the individuals concerned, it also affects the wider team. Why is this? Because if the team feel that employees can get away with bad behaviour, then your good performers may stop trying. So managing issues of discipline and misconduct is critical. It’s also very important to manage them in a timely, discrete and procedurally sound manner. If you aren’t sure how to tackle this, then we can help you!

At Cornerstone Resources, we have HR professionals who have supportred managers with complex disciplinary cases on many occasions.

Because we have sat in the room, we know what it feels like to have to implement these policies. We can provide varying levels of support depending on your needs. 

We can:

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