Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Are you struggling with difficult people issues? Do you have performance issues, or maybe need to discipline your team member due to misconduct? Or perhaps you need to restructure and potentially make some of your team redundant?

Whatever your Employee Relations issue, we can help. We have significant experience in either conducting or providing expert HR advice to help you the following issues:

  • Investigations
  • Disciplinaries
  • Grievances
  • Absence issues
  • Performance issues
  • Redundancies
  • TUPE’s
  • Protected conversations
Whatever your issue, you can rely on our expert HR advice to guide you through the process. Depending on your needs, we can provide remote advice or attend your place of work to address the issue at hand. We will not just give you generic scripted advice and then leave you to it but we will work with you to ensure the best possible resolution is reached.


We can lead or provide HR support for Disciplinary or Grievance investigations
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Sickness Absence

When dealing with sickness absence, consistency and fairness are key. We can help you achieve this.
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We can advise on how to conduct a fair disciplinary process
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We can support you with employee Grievances
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TUPE can be complex. We can cut through the people issues.
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We can advise on how to conduct a fair redundancy process
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We will advise you on how to address performance concerns.
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Protected Conversations

Protected conversations can be an effective way of ending a dispute
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Policies and Guidelines

Good HR policies are essential so that employees know what is expected of them
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Absence and Performance

Issues related to the employee’s capability can be some of the most difficult to manage. We can support you by helping you to put improvement plans in place and by ensuring that you have taken sufficient steps in place to support your employee at each stage of the process.

Employee Relations. Throwing a sickie

Redundancy and TUPE

Sometimes there is no other option than to let an employee go. Where there is no longer the demand to sustain employment or where a reorganisation means that work can be absorbed elsewhere, we can help you to ensure that all legal requirements are adhered to.

Similarly when you are acquiring another company, there are legal obligations that can not be breached. We can help you to avoid the pitfalls that can accompany these processes.

Protected conversations

Sometimes you will need a quick resolution to a difficult situation. A protected conversation can be a useful option to resolve straightforward issues. We can advise when they should be used and what steps should be completed to make sure it achieves an effective resolution.

Employee Relations, Discipline, Grievance, TUPE, Redundancy, Absence, Performance

The best way to avoid these issues from happening in the first place is by having clear policies and guidelines. We can work with you to get these in place and also to train your managers on how to implement them consistently. We can also provide guidance to your employees on how they can comply with these policies. 

If you’d like information on how to get your policies in place or would like our support in managing an Employee Relations issue, click the contact us button below and we will be in touch or call us on 07908 875146.

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