Reward & Employee Benefits

What is Reward and why do I need it?

Are employees coming to you claiming that they are underpaid? Are you in a position to respond with any sense of authority? If not, engage Cornerstone Resources and we can guide you as to the market value of your employee’s roles. We can also advise on items such as how to best utilise your salary spend or what you should be setting aside to ensure you stay market competitive. We can also help you with the rest of your employee’s compensation package.

Employee benefits

Employee Benefits Management @ Cornerstone Resources HR

Using our significant knowledge of the UK employee benefits industry, we can help you access a range of employee benefits that will not only deliver value to your employees but will help you recruit and retain the skills you require to keep your business healthy.

Why provide employee benefits?

They are a great way to increase engagement with your employees. Not everyone wants a ‘one size fits all’ package and with up to four generations in the workforce, there are often very different wants and needs within the same office!

Will this cost a lot?

The best thing of all is that many of them are cost neutral for your organisation. So you can provide your employees with a choice of how they want their overall package to look like without it costing the earth. Some options can be achieved via salary sacrifice which also delivers savings on National Insurance contributions and income tax.

What employee benefits are available?

A wide range of employee benefits are available in the UK. Below is a list of some of the options open to you but it is by no means exhaustive.

  • Childcare vouchers (until October 2018 only)
  • Cycle to work
  • Pensions
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Health Cash Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits

So if any of the options listed above are of interest you, contact us by clicking the below button or call 07494 161169 or 07908 875146 and we can help provide your employees with a benefits package that meets their needs!





Do you pay your staff enough?

Do you pay your staff enough?

How much should you pay your staff? Do you pay your staff enough? I’ve worked with employers who pay the least they can get away with. But is that the right thing to do? Is paying the least you can going to save you money in the long run? How much should you pay your

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Performance related pay

Does performance related pay work?

Does performance related pay work? I’m currently planning the salary review process for a client. The general principle is that we reward for performance. It’s something I’ve heard expressed many times before and on one level it makes sense.  Why not give more to your best performers? The problem is that salary budgets have been

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Disciplinaries Christmas

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Reward consultancy @ Cornerstone Resources HR

What’s the average UK pay rise likely to be in 2019?

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Mind the benefits gap (2 min read)

According to the attached article, two thirds of SME bosses believe that they face a benefits gap in comparison to larger employers. The research, carried out by Opinium in March 2018 among 508 decision-makers at organisations employing between 50 and 299 staff, found that 69% of senior managers believe they have a duty to provide benefits beyond pensions.

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Employee Benefits Management @ Cornerstone Resources HR

Childcare vouchers are dead. Long live tax free childcare?

Intensive lobbying from interested parties has failed to change the Government’s mind on removing childcare vouchers. From 4th October 2018, the current childcare voucher scheme will be closed to new entrants and the only option on the table (for those who are eligible) is tax free childcare. We find it disappointing that the Government has

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